Sport Science S02E11: World’s Toughest Woman (June/21/2009)

"Gina can land all 8 blows in a blistering 3 seconds. And how much does this maelstrom combine to generate? An amazing 4,800 pounds of force. That’s like a North Pacific giant octopus pounding you with all 8 of it’s arms. Translation: In 3 seconds, Gina could brake your ribs, give you a concussion, shatter your nose, rupture your spleen, cause internal bleeding, and put you down for the count."

shit that’s…kinda hot and deadly

my kind of woman


Well behaved women rarely make history

-Eleanor Roosevelt

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Stargate SG-1: 1969

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”its my turn to take care of you Bucky..”


”its my turn to take care of you Bucky..”

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can we also note that in the middle gifs Bucky has proper trigger discipline and the fucking Winter Soldier has shitty TD so is it that Hydra made him give no fucks about gun safety because people are just collateral? I NEED TO KNOW IF THIS WAS INTENTIONAL ON SEB’S PART (via thescarlettfangirl)

this is an EXCELLENT POINT and I’m going to talk about it. in gun safety the first thing you learn is 1: do not ever point your gun at something unless you are going to shoot it and 2: do not ever put your finger on the trigger unless you’re going to put a bullet through something.

Bucky Barnes knows the importance of trigger safety. Bucky Barnes was trained by the US Army to never put his finger on the trigger unless he was going to absolutely shoot something

The Winter Soldier is a weapon. The only time the Soldier is ever given a weapon, he is absolutely going to shoot something.  It’s his mission. It’s all he does. Thaw, wipe, point, shoot, kill, freeze, repeat. It’s as natural to him as anything can be—a finger on the trigger and intent to kill on his mind

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sarah rogers had the patience of a saint, and loved her troublemakers very much.


sarah rogers had the patience of a saint, and loved her troublemakers very much.

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Anonymous said: Your rant posts are reminding me of how much I crack up when I re-watch those scenes from TA where Tony keeps making old man jokes, because I can't take my eyes off of his goddamn crow's feet. I really don't get the "Tony's so young" based posts. He's literally old enough to be 95% of this fandoms' father.



"I’m not afraid to hit an old man" and steve’s just like 

Someone asked RDJ how he looks so good (“at his age” implied) and he answered, “Clean living.”

Bless ‘im.

Hell Yeah


Title: Hell Yeah
Rating: PG
Summary: Tony Stark showed up in Steve Rogers’ hospital room with a get-well bouquet and an ulterior motive.


When Tony Stark met Sam Wilson for the first time, he offered his hand, shook firmly, and said, “So that was you.”

"On the carriers? Yeah man, kind of hard to miss," Sam replied.

"Not what I meant," Tony said, beaming wide and pleased. Sam had heard about his infamous charisma; you hear about how certain people just switch it on. He’d have been more awed by it if he hadn’t spent the last few days with Steve Rogers, but it was still impressive. Having all that Stark focused on him was amazing and a little disconcerting.  

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That one time Bucky found out how Steve “died”.


That one time Bucky found out how Steve “died”.


Little Leverage Moments - Part 11/?

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Dietmar Voorworld is an artist who takes rocks, pebbles and leaves he finds in nature and turns them into memorable pieces of circular land art.


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Have you ever wondered where books come from?



Well then, let me show you, because that’s what I do for a living.

Right now, it’s this time of the year, and the little ones have just freshly hatched:


You’ll notice they’re still blind and naked when they hatch. So I make them little coats to keep them warm during their first winter:


See how they happily line up to put them on:


See? Better. Now they’re ready to go and explore the world.


And if they make it through the winter and we take good care of them, they will grow up to be strong and wise like their older fellows:


So, in case you were ever wondering, now you know.

We can confirm that this is 100% accurate.

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why don’t you crush what’s left of my soul - 15/25

Phryne & Jack - Miss Fisher’s murder mysteries

I search for the words of poets and philosophers to explicate the emotions that roil within me at this moment, and the only cry I find in my hollow heart is thus:





#I fuckin’ hate the future

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